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Eins Serves Medical Product Injection Molders

As the U.S. based E.O.A.T. parts division of Star Automation, Eins is committed to providing injection molders for North America’s medical industry with cost-effective, modular components that make custom, in-house built tooling possible. The Eins name (German for the number “one”) reflects our commitment to providing manufacturers with superior quality End Of Arm Tooling products at unbeatable prices.

Cost-Effective, Modular E.O.A.T. Components

Whether you are developing prototypes or making molds for large-scale production runs, Eins has the user-friendly End Of Arm Tooling components you need to set up tooling to your specific needs. From insert molding to overmolding, blow molds and 2- or 3-shot molding, our high-quality E.O.A.T. components and accessories help you run your operation more efficiently and cost-effectively.

If you need more information on our E.O.A.T. modular components, contact an Eins representative for expert assistance and recommendations, as well as information on shipping and bulk ordering.

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