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Eins E.O.A.T. Components for I.M.M.

Eins offers industry best end of arm tooling components (E.O.A.T.) for plastic injection molding machines across the continent. As an E.O.A.T. parts division of Star Automation, Eins was developed to meet the needs of molders who want to build their own tooling in house at lower cost, by modular components.

Not sure what E.O.A.T. is best suited for your IMM’s needs? Contact a knowledgeable representative for assistance along with more information on shipping and bulk ordering.
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Rectangle Slide Bracket
S-SLBR 10-20
SKU: J185129
Rectangle Slide Bracket
S-SLBR 20-10
SKU: J185130
Rectangle Slide Bracket
S-SLBR 25-25
SKU: J185131
Rectangel Bracket 10 MCD
SKU: J185132
Rectangel Bracket 20 MCD
SKU: J185133
Rectangel Bracket 25 MCD
SKU: J185134
Convert Block 25-φ20
SKU: J185135
Convert Block 25-10-20
SKU: J185136
Tube End Cap 25-25
S-Cap 25-25
SKU: J185218
Tube End Cap 10-20
S-Cap 10-20
SKU: J185219
L4T connector harness 1M
Manual connector harness (1M)
SKU: J204936-01-1M
L4T connector harness 3M
Manual connector harness (3M)
SKU: J204936-02-3M
Hanger Tool
SKU: J196532
Hanger Tool
SKU: J196533
Hanger Tool
SKU: J196534
Auto Quick Chuck Change Magnet Hanger (EOAT Side)
SKU: J196636
Auto Quick Chuck Change Magnet Hanger (EOAT Side)
SKU: J196637
Hanger Tool
SKU: J196656
Inner Suction Cup Φ6 for Pad in Pad
SKU: J196663
Inner Suction Cup Φ8 for Pad in Pad
SKU: J196664

E.O.A.T. Components for Molders 

Already a global leader in developing automatic unloaders for plastic injection molding machines, Star Automation offers industry best expertise to best benefit your plastics operation. Shop Eins E.O.A.T. components for capabilities such as:

All of our components are shipped from our headquarters centrally located outside of Milwaukee in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. We also hold offices located across America to provide onsite service and operational training.

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