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Pad in Pad

Eins Robotic parts store introduce new "Pad in Pad" product. The Pad will use for a holed, a cavity , or dented parts which was difficult to grave regular suction cup parts. Gravity drop for food,  cosmetic caps or gears will lead to scratch and contamination.

Eins "Pad in Pad" products will able to extract parts even which has though hole.

Pad in Pad Structure E.O.A.T.
Inner Suction Cup Φ6 for Pad in Pad
SKU: J042038
Inner Suction Cup Φ8 for Pad in Pad
SKU: J042039
Inner Suction Cup Φ10 for Pad in Pad
SKU: J042040
Inner Suction Cup Φ15 for Pad in Pad
SKU: J196718
Pad in Pad Suction Stem Mini
SKU: J210911
Pad in Pad Suction Stem Micro
SKU: J210912
Pad in Pad Suction Stem Spacer
SKU: J210913

Pad in Pad Structure

Consisted with four parts: Outer below suction cup, suction stem, stop gap pad, and middle stem. First out below suction cup contact to extracting parts. When the below portion fold in, inner pad will plug to the through hole. Thus, the "Pad in Pad" will grave the through holed parts.  

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