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Screw Mount Type

E.O.A.T Parts for Molders who want to build their own tooling in house at lower costs, by modular components

Eins provides unmatched Customer Service Paired with the largest selection of end of arm tooling parts in North America

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Suction Cup Φ60 Screw-Mnt Bellow
SKU: J210044
Suction Cup Φ60 Screw-Mnt BN
SKU: J210311
Suction Cup Φ60 Screw-Mnt Fluorine BK
SKU: J210417
Suction Cup Φ50 Screw-Mnt BN
SKU: J210619
Suction Cup Φ70 Screw-Mnt BN
SKU: J210620
Suction Cup Φ60 Screw-Mnt Nitrile GN
SKU: J210801

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